An afternoon at Chianti Cashmere Goat Farm in Radda in Chianti

Shortly before heading off to Italy for a trip this past autumn, we caught an episode of Dream of Italy, on PBS, which focused on Chianti. Featured in this episode was Chianti Cashmere Goat Farm. A goat farm run by a vet from America named Nora Kravis, right in Radda in Chianti. I forget if we had already settled on Radda in Chianti as a stop at that point, but being animal lovers (and appreciators of hand-crafted cashmere wearables) there was no way we were missing an opportunity to visit Nora and her goats.

After a quick email exchange with Nora, we were set up to visit the farm for lunch and a tour.

Rolling hills of Chianti, Italy
Fog burning off of the hills of Chianti

We spent the morning of driving around the rolling hills of Chianti, and then headed to the farm for our 11.30 appointment. Just two minutes outside of town is the near-hidden dirt road that winds through the woods and releases you onto the farm.

Chianti Cashmere goat farm

We were greeted by Nora, and given an overview on how cashmere is made (I had no idea what goes into it), and then it was a tour of the grounds and some goat feeding action. Continue reading “An afternoon at Chianti Cashmere Goat Farm in Radda in Chianti”