Day-in-the-life photography session in Woodstock, NY

A few friends got together and descended upon “The Nest” this past weekend. The Nest is the weekend getaway for two of our NYC-dwelling friends and their young son.  It’s a beautiful, bright home tucked away in the rolling hills of Woodstock, far-removed from their usual daily Manhattan scene and routine.

Another couple and my wife and I were invited up for a weekend visit, and you just know I’m going to take some photos. I mean, I’m not going to just sit there, especially with that little fella running around, amusing us all.

NJ family photography-75

While mom was busy, for the most part, resting, as she’s got another baby on the way, dad was preparing dinner and making cocktails, and the rest of us were just enjoying the day and the company.  Add a camera to the mix and you’ve got a perfect opportunity to shoot what you might call a day-in-the-life photo session.

What’s a day-in-the-life photo session? Well it’s pretty much what it sounds like. Family photojournalism. A photographer, say, me for example, comes into your home, on a regular ol’ day, and points the camera at your family and the things your family is doing for a few hours, capturing the events and emotions of the day.  Eating. Smiling. Laughing. Crying. No feeling awkward or worrying about looking uncomfortable posing as people sometimes do during a typical family session. No dressing up and making sure the hair is perfect. But rather, capturing the family in their, errrrrr, natural habitat. Messy hair, crumbs on face, and all.  

Well I’ll tell ya, there was zero crying with this kid. But the crumbs? Yeah, there were some crumbs.

Here’s a snapshot of our weekend, in 40 or so images, capturing a day in the life… Continue reading “Day-in-the-life photography session in Woodstock, NY”