Ridgewood Music Fest 2017!

To view all of the images, pop over to my website: http://www.tdp.photography/Events/Ridgewood-Music-Fest-2017

This year’s Ridgewood Music Fest, put on by the Ridgewood Guild, was, by any barometer a smashing success.

It was a fabulous late summer day in Van Neste Square, and the place was jumpin’. Food was provided by several local restaurants, and beer and wine were flowing in the booze garden.

The past few Music Fests from the Ridgewood Guild included jazz and blues artists. This year, the organizers switched it up and showcased local bands. I must admit, my first thought upon hearing that news was “Ugh, if I never hear a cover of Hard To Handle again I’ll be perfectly fine.” My expectations, I found out, were not in line with reality.

These bands, all of whom play locally, and often at bars in Ridgewood and the surrounding area, were performing at a level that simply blew me away. Country music provided by Country Joe and Friends. Bluegrass from Blue Plate Special. R&B by the incredible Eugene Thomas & No Big Deal. Declan Power Band brought the funk (and rock) as advertised. And The Stilettos simply amazed.

Unfortunately I couldn’t stay to catch the sets from Treble and No Money Down, but if the other bands were any indication, I missed something special.

Congrats to everyone who pulled this amazing event together. Looking forward to the next one!

The rest of the images are here for your viewing pleasure: http://www.tdp.photography/Events/Ridgewood-Music-Fest-2017


Blue Plate Special Ridgewood Music Fest-2Blue Plate Special Ridgewood Music Fest-7Blue Plate Special Ridgewood Music Fest-9Blue Plate Special Ridgewood Music FestCountry Joe Ridgewood Music Fest-2Country Joe Ridgewood Music Fest-5Country Joe Ridgewood Music Fest-7Declan Power Band Ridgewood Music Fest-3Declan Power Band Ridgewood Music Fest-5Declan Power Band Ridgewood Music Fest-9Eugene Thomas NBD Ridgewood Music Fest-3Eugene Thomas NBD Ridgewood Music Fest-6Eugene Thomas NBD Ridgewood Music Fest-17The Stilettos Ridgewood Music Fest-2The Stilettos Ridgewood Music Fest-5The Stilettos Ridgewood Music Fest-7

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